Friday, March 25, 2011

Jacob's Birthday Dinner

Last night we hosted a dinner with some of our family for Jacob's birthday.  Jacob decided he didn't really want to have a party this year, but he did have some requests for the colors we used...neon green, black and pink.  I have to admit at first I was a little thrown off, and concerned about how I would make this work while looking young and fun and not too feminine.  I decided to really focus on the green and black and just throw the pink in with a few accents.  Here are the pics from the night, Enjoy!
Gift Table
I have been wanting to do a cake bunting for a while now, love how it looks in these bright colors!  Oh, and that is my new cake plate...Home Goods where have you been all my life?!?!?!

For the placemats I went to the fabric store just thinking I was going to buy some green felt to cut and use and then I saw this AMAZING trim that was perfect!  I love how they turned out!  A couple of weeks ago I found a post on The White Library (which is amazing by the way!) where she incorported paper plates into the place settings!  I love how this added great pattern and color to the black plates that we used, but felt like it also helped to keep the dinner a little more casual.  I think one of my favorite things that we made were duct tape flowers.  Jacob has a pretty big obsession with duct tape (not quite sure I get it, but I decided to go with it), so when I found this green duct tape I decided that making these would be a more personal touch than using fresh flowers on the table. 
Place Setting
As you probably know I have a slight obsession with cake pops, so they were a must!  Bought some cute little pots from the Target $1 section and added some green crinkle paper that I have a huge bag of and have no idea where it came from ?

Coordinating drink...a must!  Think this was Jacob's favorite thing!
Jacob LOVES Indian food, so we decided to do a variety of dishes along with Naan (which almost caused a house fire, the original batch got left under the broiler while someone went to pick Jacob up from school, not mentioning any names, I will just tell you it wasn't me :)...thank goodness Trader Joe's is a block away!) and some homemade Samosa's, which were amazing...thanks honey!
Most of these got eaten before I snapped a pic, they were sooo good!
The inside of the cake...two layer homemade "Pink" Velvet cake with homemade neon green frosting!
The birthday boy, well more like a young man now...such an AMAZING kid!!!!
We had a wonderful night, but the best part was when Jacob thanked me for doing everything for the sweet!

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