Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5th Grade Graduation Party - Purple and Gold!

Wow!  It seems so hard to believe that we officially have a middle schooler!  Though I am sure that it will sink in pretty quickly with Jacob reminding us frequently that he will be in sixth grade in the fall.  At dinner the other night "Wow!  My first burrito as a sixth grader!"...I am wondering if this is going to be happening all summer?!? 

Though he is most definitely your typical eleven year old boy, and I am quite certain after a night with him and his friends that teachers do not get paid enough, he is a wonderful young man and we enjoyed a great night with all of them!

It was a pretty small gathering and by no means fancy, but I really felt that it was important to celebrate the accomplishments that he (as well as he classmates) had made and the new step that they would be taking in the fall.  Dinner was pizza, chips, fruit kabobs (had to throw in something a little healthy for the night :)!) along with vitamin water in purple, yellow and white flavors.  The dessert buffet was stocked with mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, chocolate and vanilla cakepops, dipped marshmallows, 2011 sugar cookies, fudge dipped Oreos and the surprising favorite chocolate dipped Pringles!

I have to confess...I bought fudge dipped Oreos and made royal icing stars to put on the tops to customize them for the party.  I found these little boxes in the Dollar Section at Target and just filled them with the cookies.
One of my favorite parts of the table was using some of Jacob's books to both add some height as well as to personalize the table.  I went through his shelves and found books that had covers with colors that would coordinate and added a couple of stacks on the table!  This was so easy and free (love that!), since Jacob LOVES to read I really like the personalization it added.
The chocolate dipped Pringles were a big hit!
X-Large Campfire Marshmallows dipped in purple and yellow candy coating
I had seen homemade candy buttons on sandy toes & popcicles and thought that they would be great little favors for the party!  Check out her blog for a great tutorial as well as a template, they are super easy and look great in any color!

I looked for quite awhile to find a fabric or backdrop to use for the table.  I had already purchased the tissue paper daisies from Polka Dot Market, so I knew I had these to work with, finally about 2 days before the party I decided I would just hang sheets of different patterned scrapbook paper from the wall.  Looked pretty good for a last minute solution!  Here is a picture of the table in its entirety. 

Dessert Buffet

Thanks for stopping by!  Don't forget the printables from this are available here for your graduation parties!



  1. Sweet! That looks great! You are so talented and creative. - Jodi Gibson

  2. Awesome! So proud of you all!! xoxox

  3. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! I really had a lot of fun planning and getting everything ready for this!